Hola Fra Madrid!

My name is Sumit and I am doing bachelor in hotel management in University in Stavanger. In the fifth semester I had the opportunity to go on exchange program and here I am in Madrid, Spain. I have been here for a bit more than a week and in this blog, I am going to share my experience so far. Before that I think it is important to mention that this is my very first time in Spain and I have already used up all my knowledge in Spanish language when I first started this blog. (all I know is hola, I know few more words, but I rather not mention them here for obvious reason ha!)

In this blog I want to talk about a day trip organized by Be Madrid, which is a community for exchanged students in Madrid. This was one of the first trip they organized this semester. Not only this is a great way to know and experience the culture up close, but it is also a great way of meeting new people. In these trips you get to meet other students who are in exchange program as well as students from other part of Spain. I especially recommend joining in these trips coz the first week of the semester was a bit weird but more about it in my next blog.

My tip is to book the ticket ASAP so you can get the best deal, this trip started with 10 euros only but coz I am me zzzzz and took my time I had to pay 20 euro. (definitely worth it! tho)

Our first stop was Avila. It’s a fortified city which makes u feel like u went back in time to medieval age. When u walk through the fortified city walls it feels like you are in the game of throne series. Lucky for us, there was some kind of festival going on which just made it better because the local people had been wearing costume and the music and the little shops by the road made us forgot that it was 2019. It actually felt like we went back in time to some medieval age. It was amazing!

After few hours of tour inside the city and walking around “The Wall” we left for Salamanca but before that we stopped to take this group pic where we can see the city clearly in the background.

Salamanca was a bit bigger city than Avila, with a lot of interesting history and churches.
We get to see the university which is one of the oldest in Europe. And visitors are often asked by their tour guide to find stuff like astronaut in the facade of the church, so a bit of treasure haunt as well.

For me the most interesting thing to see was the name written by the student from 1600 in the walls by bulls’ blood after they graduate. The name is still in the walls throughout the town after so long.

This was a little about my trip to Salamanca with other students from university which was a great experience which made me closer to other students as well as the Spanish culture, which i absolutely recommend you! Not only you get a little insight about the country but alo get to meet other students from around the world!

Here are some picture of the places, made me feel like i was in the GoT world x)

Send me an email if you have any questions or curiosity! susha2052@gmail.com

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